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Welcome to United Medical and Business Institute


UMBI’s educational goal is to provide programs with emphasis on knowledge and skills required for you to obtain employment. When you graduate, you will have the ability to become successful in these highly rewarding competitive fields. Our faculty brings quality instruction into the classroom, along with years of real-life experiences.

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    We aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen fields, whether they are interested in becoming a Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, or pursuing a career in Medical Business Administration.

    Why UMBI?

    Stay Ahead in the Medical World

    Why should you choose UMBI? Our courses are designed according to the updated industry standards. Our professional staff and up-to-date syllabus shape you to stay ahead in the medical world. We offer flexible schedules and hands-on training to ensure that you get the best education possible. Plus, our programs are affordable. You don’t have to break the band. If you are deserving and hard-working, get enrolled today.

    Whether you’re just starting out in the medical field or looking to advance your career, UMBI has something for everyone. Our graduates go on to work in a variety of medical settings, from hospitals and clinics to private practices and dental offices.

    Get Your Career on the Right Track with UMBI

    The Perfect Choice for Aspiring Medical Professionals

    Hands-on Training

    Gain practical skills and experience through our hands-on training courses taught by industry experts.

    Caring Community

    Join a supportive community that cares about your success and growth.

    Professional Gear

    Get equipped with the latest and greatest gear for a professional edge in your field.

    Online Flexibility

    Learn on your own schedule from anywhere with our flexible online courses.

    Certification Prep

    Prepare for your certification exam with our comprehensive and effective training programs.

    Let’s Connect

    We know you are curious. Feel free to connect with our representatives and get all your questions answered in a breeze. UMBI is eagerly waiting to entertain you.

      Our Professional Staff Await You - Visit Campus

      Meet the professionals in person for detailed information

      We are not any ordinary educational institute. At United Medical and Business Institute – we take responsibility. Yes! When you enroll with us, we take it on our shoulders to help you succeed and be the best version of yourself. See us at the campus and find out what’s different about UMBI. Mark our words, you will be inspired.

      Our Training Speaks – Hear from Students

      • Bernita B
        Medical Business Administration

        "I am working in the Medical Business field and I love it. I was hired immediately after I completed."

      • Zykeria B
        Medical Business Administration

        "Thank you Mrs. Straws for believing in me and for encouraging me. I have a position that I love in the Medical Business Administration field! I am so glad that I went to UMBI!"

      • Phillip B
        Medical Assisting

        "UMBI is a great school. It was challenging, but worth it. I was hired on my extern. Mrs. Straws, the director didn’t give up on me and I am thankful!"

      • Dulce H
        Medical Assisting

        "I enjoyed UMBI! I learned a lot and was hired on my extern. I now work as a Medical Assistant in Pediactrics. You can tell that Mrs. Straws, the director, really cares about her students."

      • Makala F
        Medical Business Administration

        "I was hired on my extern and happy to work in a position doing Billing and Coding! Mrs. Straws will fuss at you, but she is funny. She means well, and she has your best interest at heart!"

      • Hardi J
        Medical Assisting

        "I was hired as a Surgical Medical Assistant immediately after graduation, thanks to UMBI!"

      • Kimberly R
        Medical Assisting

        "I am thankful for UMBI! I was hired on my extern as a Medical Assistant in Pediactrics!"

      • Toni W
        Medical Business Administration

        "UMBI was a great experience, and I learned a lot. I was hired on my extern, and now I am working in the Medical Business Administration field. Mrs. Straws and all the instructors were great!"

      • Nya S
        Medical Assisting

        "I am working in the medical field, thanks to UMBI!"

      • Minisha S
        Medical Assisting

        "Thanks to UMBI I am a Surgical Medical Assistant and I love it!"

      • Naomi T
        Medical Assisting

        "Thanks to UMBI, I was able to find a position in the medical field immediately after graduation!"

      • Diana G
        Medical Assisting

        "UMBI is the reason I am working in my field as a Medical Assistant. Mrs. Straws, the director is very helpful."

      • Brandon H
        Medical Business Administration

        The instructors were very helpful, and really care about your education. I loved attending UMBI. They gave the perfect amount of academic challenges and opportunities for my career path. I am greatful to have a traveling Medical Business Administrative Position!

      • Mamie B
        Medical Assisting

        "I enjoyed attending UMBI. They made learning fun. The instructors were great. I am Blessed to be a Certified Medical Assistant!"

      • Yazmine G
        Dental Assisting

        "I am very impressed with United Medical and Business Institute. My experience here has been great. I have learned a lot about the dental field. Attending UMBI has also helped me to grow as a person. UMBI will be the reason why I will succeed in my field!"

      • Oliver O
        Dental Assisting

        "I love and enjoy UMBI. The director, instructors and classmates are great. I have learned a lot and time is going so fast. I am a senior, and I will be graduating in June! I would highly recommend this Dental Assisting Program to anyone!"

      • Jennifer R
        Dental Assisting

        "I have enjoyed the Dental Assisting Program here at UMBI! I learned a lot, and it was fun. Great opportunity with flexible schedule. I also enjoyed the fun activities and events that we have here. I am very close to graduating, and I am looking forward to working in my field!"

      Please feel free to contact us for any admission questions