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Financial Aid For Healthcare Career Training

Financial aid for your healthcare career training is important. Financial Aid is the means by which financial barriers to education can be removed. The burden of being able to finance education is eased with the help of financial aid. This allows students to afford the cost of a great education.

UMBI Financial Aid Office

In keeping with this philosophy, the primary responsibility of the Financial Aid Office at United Medical and Business Institute is to assist the student who have family and/or personal circumstances that make financial support necessary in meeting the costs of higher education. We are committed to aid the low income student who is in need. Students whose needs are based on extenuating circumstances, have temporary but acute needs, or who cannot expect to receive assistance from parents, guardians or other sources are encouraged to apply for financial aid. We are committed to assisting all students with their financial needs as determined by the federal government.
To learn more about financial aid options at UMBI, call and schedule a consultation with a financial aid professional.

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