How to Apply For Financial Aid At UMBI


At United Medical and Business Institute, we understand our students’ concerns about paying for their education. We are committed to helping you find ways to help finance your education, and we will assist you in assessing the financial aid benefits you may qualify to receive. To get started, follow these steps to apply for financial aid:

  • Contact the Financial Aid Department of UMBI. The services offered by the Financial Aid Department are available to all current and potential students. Speak to a Financial Aid professional to learn more about financial aid availability and qualifications, you can contact UMBI directly with questions.
  • Apply for Student Loan.

UMBI Scholarships

UMBI offers a scholarship to provide additional financial assistance to those who qualify. The scholarship does not have to be paid back. It is like a grant toward your education. The scholarship requirements are available at the Financial Aid Department. For more information on available scholarships and qualifications, you may contact the financial aid staff at Tel: 404-761-2335 .