Cherrione D.

“After unsuccessful completing a program at a local community college, I knew that wasn’t the end of my journey in the medical field. When I discovered UMBI, I was amazed by how much you can learn in 8 months. UMBI faculty and staff were honest, encouraging and compassionate about what they do to help students become graduates. Thanks to UMBI I am employed at one of the best hospitals and universities in the United States –Emory University.”

Claudette F.

“Completing the MA program has changed how I view things in life. I learned not to be afraid to get out of my comfort zone. ”

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    Dalchanica P.

    “Completing the MBA Program actually gave me confidence. This program inspired me to be competitive and strive for the best. In addition, the MBA program taught me to always have an alternative plan and do not let one set back keep you from reaching my goals.”

    Kermit D.

    “The Medical Assisting Program here at UMBI has given me a different and legit way to handle my adult business. Had it not been for the motivational and educational instruction being given to me by the staff here, I might still be on the corner trying to match my check. Thanks to UMBI I was blessed to even be hired by my extern. Thanks UMBI………For everything!!! ”

    Marie E.

    “By completing my MA Program, I have changed my outlook on life by looking at things differently. Obtaining my MA certification will open doors for me in the future and I will not stop unitil I succeed. ”

    Myrtle L.

    “I am a proud alumna of UMBI, Returning to school was one of the greatest decisions I have made in my life time. Having a higher level of education has empowered and prepared me to become marketable. I have gained confidence and now have a courageous approach towards today’s working environment.

    I encourage people both young and old to set achievable goals and reach them one goal at a time. If possible, strive to be a life-long Long Learner. Read, research, volunteer, seek wisdom and knowledge. When you make it, reach back and help someone. Mentor one person at a time. Stay strong, eat healthy and be positive. “We can make a different in the world if we take risk and do it together”